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Crisis Averted is focused on prevention over reaction. Whether you're in need of individual support or group speaking engagements, we're here to help! 


Amanda is the founder and creator of Crisis Averted. Through many losses and traumas of her own, Amanda was able to begin unraveling undesirable patterns in her life.
Through the years, she has learned various healing modalities. The mental, physical and spiritual bodies are all connected and play a role in each others healing. Where there is dissonance in one area of life, there is often dissonance in other areas. Amanda has discovered that at the crossroads of Craniosacral Therapy and Mediumship, lies a deeper understanding of a bodies true ailments, often through prolonged stress or unresolved trauma.
Your body has the capability of healing itself, Amanda simply helps facilitate that process so that you are able to experience more growth and joy in your everyday life! *These modalities are able to be completed in-person or through distance healing, in the comfort of your own home!



Amanda wrote a book!


Shattered Reality is available for purchase on Amazon!

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On November 14th, 2007, Amanda Lynn received a call from her mother that she refers to as the 9/11 of her world. Her 19-year-old sister, Josie, took her life by suicide. From that moment forward everything about her life drastically changed. When a tragedy such as this happens, there is often this internal split—the “before you” and the “after you.” This book is about the last decision Josie made on this earth and the impact that decision had on Amanda’s life moving forward. It encapsulates entries from Josie’s journal to better understand what she was struggling with—which, oftentimes, was a completely normal part of adolescence. Her words describe thoughts and feelings that a majority of society can relate to, and yet the voice in her head told her something different. This powerful memoir is about the transformative process of grief and loss. It is about the ‘chapters’ of Amanda’s life and how they’ve unfolded through the years. It is about healing and picking up the pieces of a shattered reality that no longer exists.


Book your preferred session below! 

Amanda is a Craniosacral Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Medium, Public Speaker and Author. Below explains what each modality consists of so you can determine which is a better fit for your needs!

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle, light touch therapy that works with the body's natural flow to achieve better balance. Underlying stressors or traumas could be the cause to physical ailments, the goal is to release them for relief. 
Common reasons for Craniosacral treatment:
- Aches/Pain/Joint discomfort
- ADD/ADHD- Headaches/Migraines
- Stress/Tension
- Emotional imbalance

Distance Healing - Just as the radio frequencies travel, so can energy! Allow yourself to experience Craniosacral Therapy to dig further into the underlying cause of your bodies' ailments, in the comfort of your own home! 

Intuitive Reading - This is an opportunity to connect with a loved one that has passed or gain further insight from a higher perspective on an area of your life that you would like additional clarity on. All messages are delivered with love!

Ionic Foot Detox Bath
- Did you know we have 2,000 pores in our feet? Can you imagine what types of toxins can be released through them? Soak your feet in a foot bath for 30 minutes while allowing your body to detox. Schedule a session with a friend or family member to compare results! (Please schedule each person separately) 

Public Speaking events for schools, community events and churches.- These are tailored to match each age group, bringing awareness to internal struggle and how we impact each other while providing insight on how to better navigate life without overwhelm. To see if we're a good fit, schedule your complimentary call below!

Curriculum Program Implementation - looking to add innovative ways to allow your students coping tools on a more regular basis? Interested in learning more about healing modalities, alternative concepts and techniques surrounding trauma, addiction and mental health? Inquire about how to expand your classroom curriculum! 



I was hoping for lightness, destressing, and a calmness I know I needed! Amanda delivered. With life's busy pace and chaos, this is just what I needed to become grounded and allow myself to... just feel for awhile. The session put my mind and body at ease. Amanda's help allowed me to just relax and regroup. Thank you Amanda, I will be making this a permanent part of my life.

-R.H., Craniosacral Client

"I've been a healer myself for 10 years and have worked with many practitioners over the years, but Amanda's work is unparalleled. I've experienced profound clarity and direction after just two sessions together. Her unique combination of empathy and insight is a precious gift to our community. I'd highly recommend both her work and her outstanding book!"

- Dr. Amanda Brees, Trauma Specialist, Craniosacral/Reiki Client

Amanda has been a guest speaker at our school to educate students about mental health.  Amanda's message is passionate.  She understands the importance of identifying mental health concerns, where and how to seek out resources, and lifelong mental and emotional wellness.  Amanda speaks to students from the heart sharing her personal family story.  Amanda is committed to helping others and offers a realistic approach in her guidance. 

T.S. - High School Guidance Counselor

As a newly divorced, single mother, overwhelmed with life, I was spiraling out of control and willing to try anything! Amanda helped me become self aware for the first time in my life. With much reflection, I met my true self and was able to identify emotions and patterns I had never seen before. I found balance in all aspects of life. I am grateful she was there to assist with the turn my life needed to make. I have never been happier!

- L.D., Coaching Client


"As a single parent of two beautiful and creative children, Amanda reminded me of the importance of fun in parenting, as well as the vital role boundaries play, and how healthy and necessary they are. She helped me rediscover my power as a mom, which flowed over into every area of my life. I've enjoyed learning to trust myself again, while cherishing my role as a parent with confidence!"

A.S. - Coaching Client

"I didn't think I had much to gain from the coaching sessions, but I was SO wrong. I was having a professional identity crisis and Amanda helped me to look deep within myself to find my purpose. She helped me take my "good" ideas that I wanted to act upon someday and manifest them into reality in a matter of weeks, on a timeline that would've taken years on my own."

S.H., Coaching Client


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