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An interpreter between worlds. Whether needing physical, mental, emotional or spiritual guidance, Amanda is here to support.


Amanda blends the roles of a craniosacral therapist, intuitive medium and passionate writer. Amanda believes in each individuals' internal revolution, however that may appear for them. She helps guide and support others on their journey, channeling her insights through her writing and teaching. 




Amanda wrote a book!

Shattered Reality is available for purchase on Amazon. Order your copy now!


On November 14th, 2007, Amanda Lynn received a call from her mother that she refers to as the 9/11 of her world. Her 19-year-old sister, Josie, took her life by suicide. From that moment forward everything about her life drastically changed. When a tragedy such as this happens, there is often this internal split—the “before you” and the “after you.” This book is about the last decision Josie made on this earth and the impact that decision had on Amanda’s life moving forward. It encapsulates entries from Josie’s journal to better understand what she was struggling with—which, oftentimes, was a completely normal part of adolescence. Her words describe thoughts and feelings that a majority of society can relate to, and yet the voice in her head told her something different. This powerful memoir is about the transformative process of grief and loss. It is about the ‘chapters’ of Amanda’s life and how they’ve unfolded through the years. It is about healing and picking up the pieces of a shattered reality that no longer exists.


Decide which modality is best
suited for you! 

Craniosacral Therapy Amanda specializes in a gentle, hands-on approach by using subtle manipulations to release tension and restore balance to the body. She helps her clients alleviate pain, reduce stress, improve overall wellbeing and improve whole-body performance. 

Common reasons for Craniosacral treatment:
- Aches/Pain/Joint discomfort
- ADD/ADHD- Headaches/Migraines
- Stress/Tension
- Emotional imbalance

Distance Healing - Just as the radio frequencies travel, so can energy! Experience the profound benefits of distance healing. Even from afar, you can find relief from physical discomfort, reduce stress and promote deep relaxation, regardless of your location.  $80/session



Emergency Response Packages: Craniosacral Therapy provides gentle, non-invasive relief and support for the unique physical and emotional challenges faced by emergency responders. This technique aims to restore balance, alleviate stress and promote overall well-being, helping you to recharge and perform at your best.

Recieve 3 Craniosacral Sessions for a discounted rate of $225 for Military, Police, EMT and Paramedic personnel. This package is valid through three months from the date of purchase.

Intuitive Reading Amanda has a unique ability to provide her clients with insights and guidance from the spiritual realm. Her compassion and empathetic approach allows her clients to find comfort and clarity, often leading to transformative experiences. All messages are delivered with love!


One to One Mentoring: Are you seeking guidance, clarity and support on your spiritual journey? Are you trying to better understand your intuition? 

 Through a combination of intuitive guidance, mentorship, and practical tools, Amanda will support you in discovering your true power and purpose by living a more fulfilling and authentic life. 

Amanda offers dedicated support to help you:

- Connect with your intuition and inner wisdom

- Navigate life transitions and challenges with confidence

- Explore your spiritual gifts and abilities

- Find healing and balance on your path

$100 per session or 3 sessions for $270.




"I have had intuitive readings with Amanda over the past year. Every single reading has been an amazing experience and is therapy for me. My intentions in connecting with a medium was for present and future insights. Amanda has been "on point" with every life change our family has experienced in the past year. I highly recommend Amanda for any insights you are seeking in past, present or future."

                                      - Mandy S., Intuitive Reading Client

"Seeing Amanda for a reading was the first time I had a mediumship reading done. Amanda helped provide clarity on my grieving process. I saw Amanda for a mentorship session shortly after and she helped me discover my mediumship skills. She's compassionate, patient, and takes each of her readings/sessions with the utmost professional care. I highly recommend seeing Amanda. If you're reading this, it's your sign to book a session." 

                                           - Katie H., Intuitive Reading Client

"Going into this Craniosacral session, I was hoping for lightness, destressing, and just a calmness I know I needed. Amanda delivered! With life's busy pace and chaos, this is just what I needed to become grounded and allow myself to feel...just feel for awhile. It put my mind and body at ease. Amanda helped me to just relax and regroup. Thank you Amanda, I will be making this a permanent part of my life."

                                           - Robin H., - Craniosacral Client


"I've been a healer myself for 10 years and have worked with many practitioners over the years, but Amanda's work is unparalleled. I've experienced profound clarity and direction after just two sessions together. Her unique combination of empathy and insight is a precious gift to our community. I'd highly recommend both her work and her outstanding book!"

                - Dr. Amanda Brees, Trauma Specialist, Craniosacral/Intuitive Reading Client


(507) 273-5559

Do you have questions regarding which session is a good fit for you? Not seeing a date/time that works? No problem, send me an email and we can work through it! 

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