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"Amanda is very warm and approachable and I feel comfortable talking with her about ANYTHING--which I can't say about most people. I felt a connection with her almost immediately even without knowing her very well. I didn't think I had much to gain from the coaching sessions, but I was SO wrong. I was having a professional identity crisis and she helped me to look deep within myself to find my purpose. She helped me take my "good" ideas that I wanted to act upon someday and manifest them into reality in a matter of weeks, on a timeline that would've taken years on my own. The Reiki sessions were extremely healing and allowed me to clear my traumas from the past so I could step forward into my purpose. I am eternally grateful for the grace and encouragement Amanda has given me, and I look forward to working with her more for years to come!" -S.H., Coaching Client

"Amanda has been a beautiful and insightful voice while navigating through the role of a single parent, and helping me break through societal beliefs which was resulting in "mom guilt". As a single parent of 2 beautiful and creative children, Amanda reminded me of the importance of fun in parenting, as well as the vital role boundaries play, and how healthy and necessary they are. Amanda helped me rediscover my power as a mom, which flowed over into every area of my life. I've enjoyed learning to trust myself again, while cherishing my role as a parent with confidence!" -A.S., Coaching Client

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